Despair Towards Freedom

It catches You and You are done. Knowing life, the beautiful side of it, gone. Now the climb up, or to a new place in time, must start. It can be hard. There is a grey wherever You look. Even the words You speak and listen to, taste like sawdust. Underneath it all lies acceptance, … Read more


Always a lone dog Not understood by the peers Fears that them not seeing me Means I’m not good enough Wanting to be appreciated But knowing this will lead to even more suffering The smothering of what once was Speaks in silence Suddenly, I seek to find Peace and quiet, of the mind A sign, … Read more

I Crave

Image source: Photo by Tino Schmidt from Pexels My own personal knowing Stands between me And the rest of eternity Can I move on from here? What can I do to taste the freedom? I crave There has to be something A deeper sense of worth Suitable for Kings We all are Kings Nothing special … Read more

True Worth

Image source: Sometimes we want someone to embrace our shadows Before we have done it ourselves Sometimes the line between light and dark Gets blurry And we don’t know what to do We want someone to hold us And carry us through To say “You can do this honey” While we feel blue These are … Read more