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Sometimes we want someone to embrace our shadows
Before we have done it ourselves
Sometimes the line between light and dark
Gets blurry
And we don’t know what to do
We want someone to hold us
And carry us through
To say “You can do this honey”
While we feel blue

These are difficult times to maneuver
It might seem endless
It actually is, unfortunately
But what can guide You truly in this, through this
Is the actual knowing of Your worth as a man
Or a woman
And I don’t this kind of new age, spiritually narcissistic, blah blah blah, Goddess kind of worth
No, this is bullshit
This is identity on top of identity

Real, true worth is silent
It observes, listens to it’s surroundings
Speaks only when absolutely necessary

While breaking apart inside

A true inner knowing of endless silence
A knowing of self and everything that surrounds us
Time is of the essence

Ian Altosaar

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