The Attachment to Beliefs

There are many thoughts and beliefs.

These thoughts and beliefs have lives of their own.

They get taken over by social circles, groups.

It turns into group think.

“The feeler” community believes that “all we need to do is feel” and disregard everything else.

“The heart” community believes that all we require is “be in the heart” or “live through the heart”.

“The surrender” community believes we need to only surrender to everything and not use our will.

“The trust” community is similar, they like to live in passivity. Not take action and use the justification of “I’m trusting life” (or excuse) for their fear of might fail if I do this.

“The Astro” community is drenched with all sorts of beliefs. They mostly think astrology is all there is. They have a hard time of looking at anything else. It feels safe to believe that.

“The hustle” community thinks You have to force Yourself constantly to the brink of exhaustion to constantly achieve.

“The YOLO” community likes to dwindle in non responsibility. Their excuses are the wildest. They are weak in essence. Truly, they are afraid of responsibility = and it’s easier to make excuses for their mistakes.

“The religious” community is the most radical. They think only their God is the best and the truth. They live in constant fear.

“The intellectual community” thinks we can just mind babble ourselves out of anything and we don’t need to use our emotions. They like to “discuss things” and “debate” things with no real action or end goal in sight. Sometimes it’s just nonsense articulated in a pleasant way. They like to use their mind too much.

The truth is, all of these beliefs have a place during certain moments in our lives. They need to be used in balance.

Attachment to these beliefs happens because of previous trauma, fear and our desire to belong. Among other things. (Wanting to feel safe.)

It is in the attachment to these beliefs where trouble happens. We start to get into arguments and find it necessary “to defend” these beliefs. We don’t engage with life from a place of curiosity = we close our minds, hearts, souls, thinking capacities.

We put ourselves into these groups to have the illusion of safety until something really traumatic happens and wakes us from these beliefs.

Shows us that life has many layers, many facets. And the things we believed about certain things = are not like that all the time.

Life, and us humans with it = grows all the time. It is quite naive to think one belief and one way of being “is all there is”. And we don’t need to grow and look beyond these beliefs.

This experience is constantly evolving.

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