The giant bringer of healing, wisdom, knowledge, intuition, luck, abundance, good things, and wealth, Jupiter is going retrograde! From July 2022 (28th) until the end of November 2022 (25th of November).

When Saturn needs and requires Your personal efforts, (and a lot of them!) Jupiter is one of those influences that can actually “bring” things to You as well. Without really putting in a lot of effort. Just the way most people like it these days!


At times it still requires You to go and receive. As well as put in at least some effort and action.

For example.

A couple of years ago, just before Jupiter was about to go retrograde in one of my houses related to finances, I had a sudden inclination (this is how Jupiter can manifest, Jupiter is higher knowledge and wisdom coming in from intuition) to go and play a poker tournament (I used to be a professional poker player).

I decided to go towards it, logged into one of my favorite poker sites and jumped into a tournament.

I hadn’t played properly for a couple of years. But if You have put in the time before = things come back quickly to You.

I was really in a good run thanks to Jupiter = I won that tournament and banked a nice 4 digit sum that night.

This is how Jupiter can help You.

Luck and abundance, good things brought to You. If You are willing to receive them.

We are soon entering the shadow and going into the retrograde phase of Jupiter.

This means that we are all getting results now where Aries is in the natal chart. Something is given to You, some good luck or fortune in these areas. 

Better results if You take action as well!

This year we have a changing of signs during the retrograde period. Which means..

We are going to be working on different areas during the period.


In autumn we will get the results where Pisces is in our natal chart.

First part of retrograde is focused on Aries, the second part on Pisces. Until the 27th of October = focus is on Aries. From the 27th of October until the 25th of November = focus is on the Pisces area of the natal chart.

Put Your receiving (and taking action on Your intuition) hats on and let’s dive into the actual predictions!

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