The Gift Of Your Sensitivity

Photo by Nicole Baster on Unsplash

I’ve regarded this as a curse many times
I still do on occasion

But I’ve learned to grow into it
Even regard it as a gift

Because it is
It is a rare gift to be in tune with the forces of this universe

It is a marvel to feel nature flowing through You
Although not as easy to see it that way, every day

This is a gift in a Pandora’s box kind of way
Once You open it, impossible to put it away

You can suppress it of course
To no avail

It will keep coming
Calling for You behind the veil

And You have to accept it
Because it is You

Denying Yourself
Will only work as long as You break Your soul

And then break free anyway
So it is Your choice

Or freedom through suffering

Both are equally respectful choices
Make sure You drown their voices

Ian Altosaar

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