The Goodness of Mankind

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Accepting Your chosen path or destiny if You will, can be quite challenging.
Working with dense energy seems sometimes harsh and misguided.

Often all we have to take us through is the knowing that hopefully, this will all make sense one day. And all of our gifts will reveal themselves when most necessary.

This has been/is the case often for me.

During some days I feel very hopeful, lucky even. On others, accepting who I am and what I bring into this world is lost and I need strong men and women reminding me of that.

This is the kind of support I believe we truly need more in this world. Deeply seeing each other, committing to each other, taking time for one another, on occasion, challenging each other. Just because we are human and on a very deep level we have this love and care for others, as well as ourselves.

This needs to come out more. I want this and I truly believe, that on some level, You want this too. You want true friendships, true support, deeper connection. Underneath all of our developed identities, there is truth, I truly see it. I want to believe in the goodness of mankind again. I need Your help in this. Will You join me?

Ian Altosaar

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