Hope For The World To End

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash

I hate that women can control me with sex

I hate that I control women with my love

I strongly dislike the fact that every interaction in this capitalistic society is built upon having leverage over others

I hate that we have become empty shells of human beings

Whose lives are geared towards the next thing that will make them “feel good” for a second

It brings me incredible sadness

All those meaningless conversations

Nothing said between two individuals

It seems like breath wasted

It breaks my heart that we have succumbed to this

We have given our lives to this

This is pitiful

We are much more than this

We are the light that is supposed to glow in the dark

And when the light is diminished

We rest and shine on afterward

If You don’t see the light

Start looking deeper

Let go of Your childish ways

Demand more from Yourself

Ask for all and don’t take no for an answer

Build Yourself from the ground up

Be broken in the cracks in between

This is okay too

It crushes my heart to see

That what we believe in

Is shallow as fuck

It torments my soul

That I cannot make people grow

The pain of letting go

Is at times too much to bear

I do care, maybe too much

But I have a hunch

Caring is a step up from not caring

Although the glare from a broken heart

Too much to stare

So at times I close my eyes and pretend

Hope for the world to end

This is not the answer

Nothing really is

Other than growing up

Showing up

And being broken or whole

Maybe both at the same time

Feel Your pain and sadness

And then journey onwards

To the unknown once more

Ian Altosaar

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