The Inner Workings of a Man

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When the inner tension is pervasive
The outer world seems to explode
The energy with which we have to work with
Is teaching us a humbling lesson

Can’t hide from Myself
Sometimes the reflection looking back
Seems a little dark and full of hate
In all honesty, I’m jousting with fate

Can’t escape fate either
Looking back at me
I used to think, with cruel eyes
Now I don’t know, because
My boyish views are not serving my life

You see, people want what they can’t have
All that they have
Is taken for granted
The energy of being comfortable
Not as easy as it may sound

The mind forgets
To show some gratitude
The sun sets
On our regrets
Unable to take them back
From where they came from

Knowing requires patience and time
Not knowing can happen in an instant
Gracefully showing us the nature of ourselves
Whichever way we decide to embark on

Ian Altosaar

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