The Next Days of Man

Image source: Can this photo be any more cliche?

Seek approval
If only for Yourself
The mind ripples into effects
Poised for the thunderous effects
Of mankind

The social currency of today
Disease and vomit
Or forceful positivity

There is a middle ground
Hound by the protectors on each side
We are torn towards extremes
Only to find the golden road
Lies in between

Balance is the law of this universe
Where there is an imbalance
A force arises to shift the debauchery into grace
Where can we look to see these forces You speak of?
Just look at the forces in play today
Where there is a fight there is Your way to the golden gates of heaven

As of now
Man creates imbalance to grow
To evolve past ignorant ways of the past
Although there is a better way
Of slowing down
Contemplation mixed with purposeful action
Instead of reaction
Much harder to do than sit here and write about
The next days of man

Ian Altosaar

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