The Third Day

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It’s the third day
Do You know
How it is to wait
And at the same time
Want to say or do?
I hope You do
Then You know how hard it is

Sometimes I get lost
Into the mirror
Is where I must
Look, to find the glow
Of past, present and the future
It will glow
Hopefully so

To roam the woods freely
What does it require?
Of You and I?
Presence and the knowing of the mind
Feeling of the body
And the connection to all there is

Look at God!
They said
It’s right there!
He quietly whispered
Fucking inside You!
Now let it out
And perfect the way You do it
So they will have a clue if
Righteousness has got the best of it

Like the rivers
Like the mountains
Like the bears fighting for their homes
Like only You know

Ian Altosaar

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