Becoming Intimate With Your Pain

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

If in Your life You find Yourself in a situation that is not to Your liking.

Or things are not how You want them to be.

Then it is easy to go towards the path of judging others. And putting the blame on them.

It is easier because the pain is so great within You and it is so hard to feel it.

On some occasions the pain has been there for years, unconscious.

Then it, unfortunately, leaks out in poisonous ways.

Saying mean things to others, maybe even nasty comments.

It can also come out very subtly. A sly comment followed by fake laughter, or something similar.

That just means the pain is so suppressed and great, that You Yourself don’t even know that it’s there.

What to do about this?

There’s only one way.

Become intimate with Yourself and Your pain.

Caress it, digest it, put it on Your chest and have breakfast with it.

This will help You become a more whole human being.

And say less mean things to other people and Yourself.

Until then

Ian Altosaar

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