We Want To Feel

2016-02-13 12.27.24

Image source: A picture I took during My run. Pirita, Estonia.

We want to feel so badly
So we create different events
Competitions, dramas, shows
But all we need is ourselves and people in our lives
Why won’t we feel then?
Why won’t we live our own lives?
We are scared, I know I am
It’s painful sometimes
Have felt this Myself
We fear rejection
This is true for me
We like being comfortable
The thing is, we really don’t
We just don’t want to feel
Here comes the paradox
We want to feel so badly and at the same time we don’t
That’s why we live our lives through others
Through movies, TV shows, gossip
It’s easier, safer that way
I realize this is hard, life is sometimes
What would hit even harder?
Realizing this when You are dying
Realizing this after losing the person You loved
After living a life that’s not Yours
These are all sad for me
Just take a moment today, even if it’s five minutes
Feel into what’s important to You
What’s really, really meaningful to You
Just sit with it
And after a while, see if it’s still worth Your time
If it is, go do it
Take it slowly
One step, then another
You’ll get there
I know You will
I have faith

Taking those steps with You,

Ian Altosaar


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