Confused about the turbulent times we are in currently as a society, species, and as individuals?

Want things to get back to “normal” and how they “used to be”?

Unfortunately, this is not how life on planet earth works. We go through cycles of transformation, of death and rebirth. Of expansion, and contraction. As well as many others.

We are at the dawn of death of the old, and mixed in with a little bit of rebirth already. This usually means crisis, difficulty, change (and we all know how painful change can be), and letting go of the old.

Painful and confusing.

This is why I decided to ask my friend Aria to join me and talk about how to get through these difficult moments.

Aria is a person who has been through many transformations in her life. This is why she feels as comfortable as You can in these murky waters.

She shares her perspective of “getting out Your surfboard” and “surfing” through these waves of transformation we are currently in.

How to become the beacon of light and grounded embodiment for others, even though You might be experiencing fear while doing it.

The ups and downs You have experienced during Your life time can be of service to others during these times. Share Your wisdom, knowledge, and practical experiences of change with others. So that they can also find the solid presence within themselves and make better decisions in arguably the wildest period most of us have lived through.

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