Within Me

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-white-cold-fog-forest-235621/

I want to get out of my skin
So uncomfortable, so delicate the sensation
Unbearable, yet there’s nowhere to escape
Just sitting here with all that pain

I meditate and meditate
Is this the only way for me to live?
Otherwise life seems like constant discomfort
Sharp stings under the skin

But here’s the catch
Something I’ve been hatching for a while
If I allow it, it melts
If I love it, it becomes a part of me
A part I’ve sent to the darkness
Is now here for me to harness
And take care of with all my might
To fight for, to bite, make right
As it’s time for me to step into the light
While keeping the darkness at my sight
Because I need both at my side
For this lifelong ride, they will serve as guides
Holding me, until it’s time to say goodbye

Ian Altosaar

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