Your Emptiness is Your Business

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels

The more needy You are, the more You can’t wait to empty Yourself into her

They further she pulls from You

Some might “just do it” to get it over with

To empty Your sack, just to keep You from leaving

Because they have abandonment issues

But after it’s all over

You both can feel the emptiness of the act, it offered You nothing but a momentary release

And after that

The addict will start to find it’s next fulfillment

It’s next “act”

The mature ones will fight, they will subconsciously feel Your emptiness

They don’t want to be the “dumpster” You are making them to be

They will fight until they win, and You are still left with the emptiness underneath

The ones who are found themselves

They will watch You twist and turn

They will wait for a while

And then they will leave

Your emptiness is Your business

Your seed is Your energy

The attention You seek

Can only be met by Yourself

Ian Altosaar

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