15 degrees in Astrology

I’ve written about the special meanings of degrees in astrology before here (18 degrees) and here (22 degrees) But what about 15 degrees in Astrology? Does it also have a special influence on our natal charts?

From personal experience, yes!

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The special meaning of 15 degrees in Astrology

And no, I’m not talking about the degrees of the water while doing the laundry…

According to the degree theory from the late and great Nikola Stojanovic, 15 degrees is the degree of Gemini. But it also has a darker meaning.

15 degrees is the degree of car accidents. (Nikola assigned this special meaning to the degree.)

When I first read or heard this (I studied with Nikola, remotely from his webinars) I was quite shocked. Because I personally have the 15 degrees in my natal chart as well.

But if I have learned anything about Astrology, not every observation is 100% certain. Everything adds to the whole picture or interpretation of the natal chart.

The degree of Gemini

Geminis can be scattered multitaskers.

As the newfound knowledge was circulating my brain and consciousness, I started thinking about the deeper meaning of Gemini. And in essence, of the degree.

Why is the 15 degrees associated with car accidents if it’s the degree of Gemini?

Gemini likes to do multiple things at once. Talk, write, and be on the phone. Gemini is in multiple places simultaneously and thinks about many things all at the same time.

How does this pertain to driving?

It’s not really good for driving a car if You are multitasking while You should be focusing on getting the death box from point A to B. Or reading SMS messages. Or talking on Your phone, or just fiddling on social media (also Gemini).

A personal experience with the 15 degrees in Astrology

Luckily I managed to stop my car before it looked like this…

As I already mentioned, I have the 15 degrees in my personal natal chart. And it’s literally the degree of my 3rd house cusp (driving, vehicles).

I have had many close calls and one minor accident while driving, and I do believe this is because of the 15 degrees (as well as Saturn and Uranus in my 3rd house).

In all of the situations, I have either been in my thoughts (Gemini) or multitasked (Gemini) while driving (not proud to admit this).

In one especially stupid situation, I was flipping my phone to try to change to a song coming from the radio. Luckily, I managed to stop before anything bad happened.

Using the influences in the natal chart in a proper way

I had to make the best of the situation.

I already explained some of the “remedies” I did here but how to also use the 15 degrees (and even Saturn) properly?

Very simple things:

  • I get lots of ideas (Gemini) while driving (Gemini). I used to (I know, super stupid) write them down while driving (not good). Now I just stop where I can, and write (Gemini) them down properly and by the book (Saturn).
  • I let my partner or spouse (two = Gemini) write my ideas down if I’m the one who is driving.
  • I generally drive much less these days. Whenever someone else can drive, I let them do it. And if possible, I do choose a different mode of transportation.
  • But the most important thing is to know that You have a tendency to do the negative side of the influences in the natal chart and make corrections wherever possible!

Summary of the 15 degrees in Astrology

If I scared You with this post, and You immediately think You can’t ever drive if You have the 15 degrees in Your natal chart then think again!

I still drive and I’m still here! No accidents so far!

But I did make the necessary adjustments mentioned in the previous paragraph.

If You have a tendency to use the phone while driving, or even multitask while in charge of a vehicle, I do suggest You check out Your natal chart for the 15 degrees. And then make the required changes in Your everyday habits (also Gemini!)

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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  1. Hi, I have nasally 15 degrees Venus in Taurus in house 10 trine to jupiter in 22 Virgo in second house. 17 Leo Rising. Can you say anything from these degrees?
    Thank so much!✨


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