5 degrees in Astrology with examples

In my previous posts about degrees in astrology, I focused on the 12 degrees, 15 degrees,18 degrees, and 22 degrees. Now it’s time for another degree with a special meaning. The 5 degrees in astrology is up next!

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The special meaning of 5 degrees in Astrology

Each degree in Your natal chart speaks a specific and unique story.

According to the degree theory from the late and great Nikola Stojanovic, 5 degrees is the degree of Leo (associated or ruled by the Sun).

What does the Leo or Sun represent?

  • Hot and dry.
  • Masculine, and represents the Fire element.
  • Something that it’s fun for us to do = is where we derive enjoyment from. It is why it often becomes the chosen job or work in the world.
  • Leo is where we are best.
  • Career and material profession.
  • Faithful, punctual.
  • Confidence and desire to rule, as well as gather honour.
  • Kingdoms, kings, and queens. Everyone who is called “Your majesty”. Royal and regal in every way. Emperors, dukes, and princes.
  • Children, entertainers, creative expression, having fun, and the unique gifts that we are born with.
  • Romantic partners, sex, romance, dating, and going out to have fun.
  • Arrogance, egotistical, overly proud.
  • Strength and vitality.
  • Leaders, leadership, autonomy, independence, CEOs, owners, managers, bosses.
  • The heart, right eye (for men, for women the left eye), and brain.
  • Palaces, restaurants, theatres, entertainment places, and institutions. Bars, pubs, places where You can party and have a good time.
  • Performers, actors, and politicians.
  • Big hair.
  • Heart problems, pimples in the face, issues with the spine, mouth, and bad breath problems. When something is rotten.

Nikola also assigned an extremely specific meaning to the 5 degrees in his webinar.

5 degrees in astrology is the sexiest and most attractive.

Proof that the 5 degrees means the sexiest and most attractive

Beauty and “being sexy” is definitely in the eyes of the observer making the observation.

Let us be real here, being sexy and attractive is quite subjective.


Our human society does tend to put certain kinds of people in that category.

I did my best to find at least some proof that the 5 degrees in astrology is the “sexiest and most attractive”.

Kendra Wilkinson

No exact birth time but for our purpose, the chart should be enough.

The former Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson should fit the mould of “the sexiest and most attractive”. Having made it to the Playboy mansion and being one of the three wives or girlfriends of the late Hugh Hefner (who really knows, it was a wild situation over there).

I purposefully chose Venus for this experiment, and You can see Venus in the sign of Taurus at 5 degrees. Venus itself is a lot to do with beauty and being attractive.

So far, it works!

What about another?

David Hasselhoff

The great “Hoff” has Venus at 5 degrees of Leo! A double whammy we call that in Astrology!

I wanted to bring an example of Venus in Leo at 5 degrees for specific reasons.

First, the 5 degrees is the Leo degree.

Second, Venus doesn’t do well (traditionally speaking) in Leo.

And oh boy how it works! David Hasselhoff, once a leading man in TV shows such as Knight Rider and Baywatch, really does fit the bill of “the sexiest and most attractive”. Even the internet agrees!

How about a supermodel to finish this up? If the 5 degrees is really “the sexiest and most attractive” I must be able to find at least one famous supermodel with the configuration.

Alexandra Rosenfeld

I even managed to find an example with Venus in Scorpio!

The officially elected Miss France and Miss Europe really does have the awards to stake her claim for “the sexiest and most attractive”.

And I must add, even with Venus in Scorpio. One can argue that this is the weakest and most difficult placement for the planet. But the 5 degrees didn’t disappoint and held up it’s side of the bargain.

Look how close Venus is to the Ascendant! Whatever planets are close to the Ascendant often also become our work or career. And she really made the 5 degrees work (with Venus!).

Summary of the 5 degrees in astrology

Although it’s not the deepest of special meanings for the “the sexiest and most attractive” 5 degrees, not everything has to be super deep and spiritual all the time.

Do You have the “sexy” degree in the chart and if yes, where? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have my Venus in Gemini 5 degrees, my north node is in cancer 5 degrees and my Sagittarius midheaven has a 5 degree . I hope to go into acting and modeling


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