A Moment of Kindness to Yourself

Image source: Photo by Sindre Strøm from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/snowy-road-between-trees-907284/

A moment of kindness to Yourself
Is to allow whatever it is that You are going through
Although darkness may seem like a never-ending storm that keeps on coming
The ending is always near
Light peeks, it seeks to find Your surrender
It is in the knowing of Your own darkness
The light is able to shine the brightest
Mostly known by the poets

Taking our time through this
Is of utmost importance
Finding time for grief
Or sadness
Makes time for joy and laughter to grow
It opens up space to become whole
More so than ever before
Growing old

Wonder, ponder through the darkness
Treasure it, sweet darkness
Knowing of wonder
The God of creation that You are

Let it shine through
It cannot be too soon
Only when we make room
We find that the things we are searching for so madly
Lay before our feet

Keep it to Yourself
Only when You are ready
Make Your move

Be blessed
By the gift of knowing something so deeply
Only when sown
You are able to reap thee

Ian Altosaar

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