Not Knowing

Image source: Photo by Laurice Manaligod on Unsplash Not knowing Myself was the greatest pain of them all Now looking into my eyes I see someone Who can be touched By mystery Love By heart By the moonlit sky and the stars Sometimes I still look from afar Only to be reminded by my own heart That life’s just … Read more


Image source: Sliding into the darkness I hear echoes of the past I feel them next to me So painful to hear Their voices so clear Scared of their touch I resist it so much I want to get to know them So I can rest in peace For eternity I feel so much light … Read more

A Moment of Kindness to Yourself

Image source: Photo by Sindre Strøm from Pexels A moment of kindness to Yourself Is to allow whatever it is that You are going through Although darkness may seem like a never-ending storm that keeps on coming The ending is always near Light peeks, it seeks to find Your surrender It is in the knowing … Read more

Falling Apart

Image source: Seems like I’m going strong Not knowing what the future holds Slowly crumbling on the inside With tears of sweet surrender on the surface Cascades of black holes I’ve put myself in Is there light behind all of this? While digging for gold in the darkness You need light to show You … Read more

Not Knowing

Image source: Photo by Mustafa ezz from Pexels Thrust into myself again Wound that cuts so deep Almost can’t see the surface Realizing that I may never feel free of this Is as painful as losing that perceived freedom I thought I had I’m left pondering, is there something more real behind this? True … Read more