A NO JOKE April Fool’s New Moon! Loaded Aries 2022 Astrology!

Covered in this monthly overview:

Transforming and letting go of deeper wounds = South node in Scorpio.

Healing the masculine and inner warrior within ourselves = New Moon in Aries.

Escalation of conflict, aggression, rising above difficulty, putting in practical efforts in the face of adversity = Saturn and Mars conjunction.

Blind faith doesn’t get You anywhere but a religious cult, check Yourself before You “give Yourself” to that “all loving” spiritual guru. Scams alert! = Jupiter and Neptune conjunction.

Transforming Yourself and Your relationships, matters of control, jealousy, and manipulation coming to light = Full Moon in Libra.

Cyber attacks on financial institutions, prices rising, material foundations shaking = Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

Ian Altosaar

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