Abundance of Experience and Creation

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If I have the knowing that I have everything at my disposal at all times, maybe in other realms, then there is only abundance.

Fear of lack:

The mind races “Oh my God, if I don’t do this, then I wont have this, then they will think that I’m this, then I wont have anybody, nobody will love me or care about me. I will be a hermit and nobody wont do business with me, women will think I’m a failure, I will die alone in the dark!”

Or something along those lines.

Fear and the untrained mind is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It will, if not dealt with, wreck havoc in our society and in our personal lives.

What can we do about it?

For You the reader to grasp this, we have to first establish and agree upon one fact. That this universe, experience is one of infinite possibilities.

Why is this important?

Because the next time You fear losing something, not being liked or just experience fear, Your mind can go “Oh shoot, I lost this opportunity to do this or now I can’t do this with them anymore. This sucks and it hurts but I have a deep knowing inside of me that even if I don’t do this in this lifetime, I can always come back or I can create another experience (similar to this, maybe in a galaxy far far away somewhere…) and do my best to experience the things I’ve always wanted in that lifetime.”

Or something similar to this. You can experiment with Your own imagination.

Now obviously this can be used as a spiritual bypass or a mind trick. Please be aware, I share this only to show You that there are other possibilities out there. Maybe not in this lifetime or even in this galaxy but they are out there and they exist.

Why is this good?

Because this has the ability to ease our suffering by letting go of desperately needing something.

Why is this good?

It will help us get out of a place of feeling stuck and move forward towards the things we can control and have the desire to do.

The most powerful thing at Your disposal is Your mind. Do Your best to use it wisely. It will take a lot of practice, falling down and getting up. Unfortunately I’m still learning this as I go but if I don’t master this during this lifetime, I will have another go in another…

God bless You

Ian Altosaar

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