Jupiter Retrograde 2022! Initiating Your luck and abundance. Predictions for all the signs!

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 in Aries and Pisces The giant bringer of healing, wisdom, knowledge, intuition, luck, abundance, good things, and wealth, Jupiter is going retrograde! From July 2022 (28th) until the end of November 2022 (25th of November). When Saturn needs and requires Your personal efforts, (and a lot of them!) Jupiter is one of … Read more

Afraid to ask money for Your spiritual gifts? Horror stories from real life part 1

Afraid to ask money for Your spiritual gifts? Finding justifications in Your head along the lines of “This is for the highest good” or “I’m a servant of the light”? If yes then watch this video and let me shatter some of Your beliefs with a dose of freedom. Ian Altosaar Link to purchase a … Read more

Abundance of Experience and Creation

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/altitude-clouds-cold-daylight-417173/ If I have the knowing that I have everything at my disposal at all times, maybe in other realms, then there is only abundance. Fear of lack: The mind races “Oh my God, if I don’t do this, then I wont have this, then they will think that I’m this, then I … Read more