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Accepting that Your life can be totally shitty from this moment onwards can have a releasing effect on Your being.

In essence, it is actually freedom.

Because You are going through something difficult and You perceive it to be shitty. Everything seems and looks like crap etc.

Fighting this perception only creates more suffering. Because You are fighting something that is actually happening.

You can’t fight life or consciousness, it wins every time.

This part is about surrendering to the crap that is Your life.

After that all the other possibilities are open. You could come out of that shitty situation or not. This is for life to decide.

But surrendering to life will actually free You up from the fighting with Yourself. In that seemingly passive action, something active can actually happen.

You accept Your faith and Your destiny.

The trick with this is to understand when to actively push, and when to let go and surrender.

Because if You surrender too much, You become a passive human who just gets walked over constantly.

If You fight too much You become the bully.

Just the right amount of letting go and holding on is necessary.

A word of caution, just surrendering to get something from that act doesn’t work!

Your surrender has to be true, it must feel like a sacrifice. There are pain and tears involved. You feel powerless and the pain is not going anywhere. That’s about the time that true surrender starts to come to You.

Because now it understands that You are ready.

You have lost.

This means a new form of human being is ready to emerge from this.

A new consciousness is ready to substitute the old.

Largely due because You Yourself understand that none of the old things work and You then surrender to life.

Then life can bring You whatever is required of You next.

Until the cycle repeats once again.

Ian Altosaar

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