Things, That When Believed, Cause Us SUFFERING

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Emotionally wandering
Just finding ways to look at life
It does seem like a gimmick at times
Although this is not one of them

When You grasp some understanding of this reality
Things that seemed normal, look like turds 
Not that they are bad
Just meaningless

Luckily new things will have more meaning
The song of a bird
Sunset and sunrise
These simple, yet powerful things
Now seem magnificent
Creations of great magnitude

What would be the implications of the sun not rising?
It’s pretty simple, You would die
Unfortunately, we still bitch and whine about the petty little things
While things of that stature
Become more and more unnoticed

This is sad to me but I have hope
And the understanding that it’s mostly fear
Fear doing it’s work, doing it’s best to keep us safe
Until we realize
We have the freedom inside of us
It’s just a matter of locating the things that make us feel imprisoned
Or rather the thoughts

Having done that, we are halfway there
Now comes acceptance
Accepting who we are and the fact that we believe such things
Things, that when believed, cause us to suffer
Seeing these thoughts so clearly empowers us with the choice
The choice to surrender or to fight with these prison guards
The latter only leads to the first
So it might make sense to choose to surrender?
Behind both doors, there is a path
The walking has to be done either way
Just a matter of choosing

A path for the thrill seeker
To fight
The path for the modern-day mystic

Ian Altosaar

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