Am I Psychic? How to Know If You are Psychic?

Where does “Am I psychic?” begin?

Many people experience psychic phenomena, experiences, and visions during their childhood. This can be through dreams, visions, or sensations just to name a few. This leaves many with the question, am I psychic?

During our earlier years, we look for guidance from our parents. Most adults still disregard all psychic gifts, and phenomena, as well as learning anything about them. And they also disregard You in those moments where You are excited to share Your skills with them.

This often leads to You shutting these gifts down. Even for many years.

It doesn’t help that our society at large doesn’t yet truly and openly appreciate psychic gifts or people. Thus causing suffering for many talented people who are born with this unique competence.

I often meet people with psychic expertise who have had to hide in the shadows for many years. Just because they are ashamed to bring it to light frightened of ridicule from the outside world.

Many who continuously have prophetic dreams, see visions and spirits or even know important facts about a person’s illness (just to name a few!), keep these talents hidden.

Hopefully, You will now recognize Yourself in this and know that You came to the right place!

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What type of psychic gifts are there?

Now that we have established the reasons we keep our psychic gifts hidden, it’s time to bring them to the light!


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The clairvoyant psychic often sees images and visions. These can be in the form of pictures, moving images, or even entire scenes. I personally have experienced a variety of these. Even with eyes open. Some like to keep them closed. Somewhat easier to focus on.

At times, these visions can be scary, strange, weird, or even downright out of this world! This is where it’s important to stay calm, ground Yourself, and just allow the visions to come up. Later on (when You get comfortable with this) You can start to even ask and communicate with spirit about what these visions mean. And even, what You are supposed to do with them.

I remember being shown a big US city flooded. People suffering because of this event. At first, this was hard to grasp and even handle. But as You grow and begin to see more and more = it will get easier.

Important things to consider with the clairvoyance psychic gift:

  • Easy to disregard visions as “imagination” and then suppress important information being shared with You.
  • Some visions are scary = when fear creeps in, it’s easy to “lose it”.
  • Most important is to get proof that the visions You are getting are truly happening in the material life. Learn to make connections and take notes.

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The clairaudient person can hear voices, sounds, and music. They can hear words suddenly, even when there’s nobody around. All of these can even make it seem like the person is crazy! Hearing voices? Sharing that with others doesn’t seem like a really good idea…

It is very easy to disregard or suppress the clairaudient psychic power. “I’m just hearing things. Am I going crazy? I’m just overworked or tired. These are just my thoughts”

An easier thing to start with is hearing some piece of music in “Your head”. Especially important to follow the trail when You haven’t heard this song in ages. Highly probable that there’s something valuable in the words or the music itself will trigger something in Your consciousness.

Later it will be easier to trust even stronger guidance.

For example, years ago I was in a supermarket. Waiting in line and suddenly heard “go to the next register”. This was extremely strange for me because the other register was closed. I fought this clairaudient message at first but decided to follow it. As soon as I stepped towards the second register, a store employee appeared seemingly from nowhere and I was already first in line.

On some occasions, I’ve also heard people getting divorced in a few years time but I’ve kept that knowledge to myself. And then later hearing about the couple actually getting a divorce! Necessary to understand, share only when asked! Especially with extremely delicate topics!

Important things to consider with the clairaudient psychic gift:

  • When You first start to experience it = You will think You are crazy and/or that these are just Your thoughts.
  • Important to differentiate between Your thoughts and hearing a sound. Or even words and a sentence.
  • As always, start to observe the material reality if the things You are hearing are truly manifesting in real life. (Example above with the divorce).

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Clairsentience is the psychic power of feeling. Or deriving information from feeling.

You can be sitting with a person and suddenly Your knee starts to hurt. It’s strange because You haven’t had an injury or anything happen to Your own knee. And then later on they share that their knee has been hurting because of an injury they experienced 2 years ago.

A very common experience is headaches. You walk into a room and Your head starts to hurt for no apparent reason. And it’s actually somebody else in the room.

Many clairsentient psychics also feel the “vibration” or energy of a room and/or place. You are travelling in an ancient village and suddenly feel a rush of aggression and violence going through Your body. High probability that in that location a big conflict happened. And You are picking up on it.

Clairsentience is how I first started tuning into my own personal psychic powers. Many people have clairsentience but they immediately disregard it because they think it’s their own feeling. Or what they are experiencing.

Important things to consider with the clairsentient psychic gift:

  • Have to learn to differentiate what is Yours and what is others. This requires practice and at first doing it with people who You trust and who trust You.
  • Cleansing Yourself with water, incense, or smudge (or even walking in nature, near water) is important.
  • Even a quick shower will help You reveal what are You truly experiencing, and what was others.
  • A psychic can pick up on illnesses and start to think they are theirs. Meditation and other already mentioned practices are required here.

Check out the clairsentient video in the psychic astrology series here.


Claircognizance is the power of knowing. This is one of the most difficult psychic skills to master. It is as if the information You require (and sometimes are not even asking for) comes into Your brain and consciousness immediately. Without You knowing where it came from.

But one thing is for certain, You definitely know!

Personally, this has taken me years to practice and perfect. And to this day, I’m still making and taking notes of when it really plays out.

How do You know it’s claircognizance?

You are having a conversation with a person, and they are talking about some struggle that they are going through in life. They are explaining it in a lengthy way but You already know that it’s about their father abusing them in childhood.

The knowing suddenly comes, in a blink of an eye!

Or You just met a new person and instantaneously You know that it’s not going to work out with them. You disregard it as a “stupid thought” and 3 months later the relationship breaks down.

And You are left sitting there “I knew!”

Important things to consider with the clairsentient psychic gift:

  • You find Yourself saying “I’m not sure how I know this” or “I have no logical explanation for this but” a lot.
  • The trick here is to let go of the need to know. The left brain or more logical side of the brain wants to know or wants proof = let go and trust.
  • Build trust by taking notes of Your “knowing”. When You get a claircognizant “hit” note it down and observe what will happen. If others give You information that will prove it to You for example.
  • Many people disregard this psychic power at first but with practice and seeing it work, they start to gradually trust it. The reason for this distrust is that for the logical brain there is no explanation of where the information is coming from!

Check out the claircognizant video in the psychic astrology series here.


The strange thing about psychic gifts is that most people have them. 99% just disregard or suppress these phenomena. I often meet people who say to me immediately after witnessing some of my psychic prowess that “I don’t have it” or “I can’t do it” when in reality they are ALREADY DOING IT. They just don’t know it yet!

Hopefully, this article sheds some light on Your own personal gifts and gives You insight into how to use them, as well as perfect them. And answers the question “Am I psychic?” for You personally.

In the following articles, we are going to be discussing clairalience (psychic knowledge through smell), clairgustance (psychic knowledge through the sense of taste), psychometry (psychic information coming in through touch), psychic dreams, and communication with spirits.

Until next time!

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