What Type of Psychic Am I?

What type of psychics are there? Once we have understood that we are experiencing psychic phenomena in our lives, it inevitably raises the question, which type of psychic am I? I already talked about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and even claircognizance in my previous blog post You can find it here. But are there even more … Read more

Am I Psychic? How to Know If You are Psychic?

Where does “Am I psychic?” begin? Many people experience psychic phenomena, experiences, and visions during their childhood. This can be through dreams, visions, or sensations just to name a few. This leaves many with the question, am I psychic? During our earlier years, we look for guidance from our parents. Most adults still disregard all … Read more

“You are WRONG!” How to stand firm in Your truth?

„You are wrong! I didn’t want this! Who are You to tell me what I’m feeling?!“ She was agitated at best, starting to get completely off the rails. I could see and feel that in her energy as well. „I don’t want anybody controlling my feelings, emotions, and the things that I’m thinking about!“ By … Read more

The Defining Moments In Our Lives – Interview With a Psychic Energy Healer

In this video, I sit down with my good friend and co-host of our Cosmic Adults podcast Mercedes to dissect some of the defining moments we have in our lives. Feel like You are living a life that is not authentic to You? Waking up with hangovers but deep down feel like You need to … Read more

The Cosmic Adults Season 1 Episode 2 TEASER!

Confused about life and Your sensitivity? Curious about what energy is and how we can use it? Or even asking more practical things like, why do I feel like this during this specific day? And totally different during others? We started the Cosmic Adults podcast with my good friend Mercedes to answer all of those … Read more