What Type of Psychic Am I?

What type of psychics are there?

Once we have understood that we are experiencing psychic phenomena in our lives, it inevitably raises the question, which type of psychic am I?

I already talked about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and even claircognizance in my previous blog post You can find it here. But are there even more types of psychic powers?

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People with the clairgustance psychic ability can receive information through the sense of taste.

For example, You are sitting on Your couch at home, and suddenly something bitter seemingly touches Your taste senses. Never mind that You haven’t had anything bitter that day. Let alone that week!

This can freak a person who is new to the clairgustance power out of their chair and start doubting their sanity quickly.

But later on, someone gives You some bitter news about work or career. Or something else entirely. Or You have to give the news Yourself.

Another example might be with blood (I know I use the example of blood a lot in this piece but it’s a prominent one I experience constantly.) I was talking to my partner, just sitting on our terrace and out of the blue could taste blood in my mouth.

I hadn’t bitten my tongue or anything of that sort. Just sitting, listening, and resting on the terrace. Later, one of my family members fell in such a way that their mouth was literally filled with blood for a second (luckily it was just a small wound). At times our psychic gifts can be precise!

Important things to consider with the clairalience psychic gift:

  • Can be hard to master. Making connections with tastes and real-world events is a tough assignment. Needs time and practice.
  • When You are communicating with another person and get a “hit” of a taste = this usually means something about them or about the situation they are conveying to You. If You are alone, high probability that it’s about You or people close to You.
  • Needs to be used with other psychic gifts.


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If You happen to have the psychic skill and prowess of clairalience, You can receive information through the sense of smell.

This can take many forms and is certainly a difficult psychic power to master.

A potential scenario is communicating with a person they are sharing something important with You. Let us say that they are asking for Your advice on a delicate matter. Their dog is missing and they are stressed, and You would like to comfort them. Suddenly the smell of blood seemingly comes out of nowhere.

In that case, there’s a high probability case that the pet is physically injured. Or the worst-case scenario even passed on.

I frequently experience this with fires. For example, I get an unexpected smell of burning or something burnt. Although there is nothing close to me or in the area that could give that could bring that “fragrance”. Later I read the news or someone close to me comes with “Did You hear about this fire there in that location?”

Important things to consider with the clairalience psychic gift:

  • Crucial to differentiate what is going on around You and if this is a psychic phenomenon happening or if Your neighbour is having a barbecue…
  • Harder to get used to difficult smells. For example the smell of blood.
  • Making connections between smells and real-world events takes time. Blood can mean = injury, physical injury, or death.
  • Usually the clairalience psychic power is best used with other psychic abilities. For example, You get the smell of cake and a claircognizant knowing that You will be invited to a birthday party.


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If You happen to have the gift of psychometry, You can pick up things or touch material objects (even physical locations) and receive information through touch. This can even include other humans.

I personally experience this a lot with people. Sometimes I just hold hands with my partner and something that is bothering her will immediately become obvious.

Others can touch pictures, art, knives, etc. and see or feel who they belonged to. Or even know instantly after picking up the item.

Psychometry often works together with other psychic abilities. You pick up a book and suddenly You are shown images of the previous owner or the writer of the book.

Important things to consider with the psychometry psychic gift:

  • Psychometry can often be thought of as an advanced ability because it works together with other psychic capabilities.
  • Things felt and seen can on occasion shock the person experiencing the phenomena. They can feel what was done with the item for example. Especially if You are already naturally clairsentient.

Psychic dreams, and communication with spirits

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My personal journey started with clairsentience and psychic dreams (and a little later also communication with spirits). I hold these still dear to my heart.

If You have psychic dreams then You are able to see the future in Your dream time.

For example, around ten years ago I had an extremely intense dream of my then-boss being fired. I woke up suddenly and the feeling was still with me. The next day, I went into the office and immediately got the news. After receiving the update from my co-workers at the time, I just sat there. Shocked but I also felt like “whatever is out there” has got my back. A strange sense of relief and safety.

But if You are able to have psychic dreams, You can also see bigger events like acts of violence, market crashes, death of loved ones or world leaders etc.

If You manage to hone this gift of psychic dreams then it opens up the door for psychic communication with spirits.

How do I classify dreams?

Dream states and different states of dreams are altered consciousness states. This is where a lot of Your visions will be shown to You.

These are the realms where the spirit will have more ease in accessing You. Where Your guides and ancestors can communicate with You in a much easier manner (this is what I have found, especially for someone with a very analytical and left-brain kind of thinking brain).

Mundane dreams

  • More daily thoughts and processes dreams = things we think about daily, things we are consciously dealing with daily.
  • Subconscious dreams = things that we are working with constantly in our subconscious (things that are a bit suppressed and not so much in our faces day to day).

Deeper layers of psychic dreams

  • Lucid dreams = You are able to take control in dreams, understand that You are dreaming and can start immediately creating things
  • Astral realm explorations = things that You are asking about more knowledge and information, You are taken or You go Yourself to other realities and other potentials are shown to You, You can see and explore those worlds. Can see what is happening in the future = one of the main differences with the Lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are more to do with Your own desires and the creation happens more quicker there.
  • Future dreams = You are shown things happening the next day, week, month, year, or many years after, difference with astral realms is that You can’t really explore things, they are just shown to You

Psychic dreams with ancestors

  • Dreams where ancestors visit = the dream usually starts off as a normal dream with one difference, one of Your ancestors is in that dream who is already deceased or passed on to the other realms. I also categorize these dreams as:
    • A dream where they just come to show You something or to show You that they are there = in this dream the interaction is more energetic, or they are just there symbolizing something, or even showing You something in a more passive way
    • A more interactive dream with the ancestors = in these dreams You again understand that You are in another state, basically You understand that You are interacting with a spirit or ghost. This opens up the channel between the two of You (I’ve never had these types of dreams with more than one passed on relative at a time) that also opens up communication. Some of the usual clues in the dream to understand that You are actually in connection with them or opening up connection to them:
      • Their mouth is not moving but You understand everything that they are saying
      • Their eyes or mouth is almost dimmed black or there is a blackish color around the eyes and mouth
      • Sometimes their mouth is even stitched together = I have never seen their mouth moving! If mouth moves, it might be something else instead!!!

What to do and how to react when psychic communication in dreams starts to happen?

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This can be scary at first and sometimes the fear in You will get the best of You = the connection will be severed and You will wake up.

The energy here can get really intense. With practice and knowing how to feel fear = it will get much better and easier. And they will contact You again, don’t worry about damaging the connection.

How to communicate?

Once You get that connection up = now it’s time to ask questions or communicate with them. It takes time and practice. But usually, they will ask You first = something along the lines of “Ok I’m here, ask” or “Ok You summoned me, ask away”.

This is where at first You can get stunned and again the fear kicks in but with practice, You will have the questions ready for the actual meetings.

And this is the time to ask them, and just receive the answer = again, the mouth will not move, You will experience usually “an energetic knowing”. After You come out of this experience = write it down so You will remember the details, emotional states etc = this will help You moving forward and the next times they visit You.

The most significant of the psychic dreams

I call these prophetic dreams, almost awake states or altered states of consciousness = definitely the most intense and at times involves healing experiences.

These can be furthermore dissected but they also overlap at times. Means, You will experience many of the following things I will share also together:

  • You are almost awakened from Your dream but You understand that You are somewhere in between. (In between this world and the other.)
  • There are strong energetic impulses (even waves of energy moving through You).
  • The waves of energy are so pure, so strong, and so healing = it isn’t anything You have experienced in this earthly realm, it is pure consciousness and love that is flowing through You.
  • You will start to hear a voice that is conveying a message to You in a clear and direct manner.
  • You can understand this voice and this voice (although at first can scare You) is of loving energy or basically makes You feel cared for, and held strongly but lovingly.
  • When You wake from this experience it is as if You had not slept, it was as clear as day. You remember everything vividly. And You feel nourished, healed, refreshed, and a new type of energetic impulse is running through You (mostly it will last for a week after). You don’t need to sleep that much and You are still energized (again, lasts for about a week after). These are the most powerful experiences I have had with my guides so far. Looking forward to many more.

How to start connecting with Your guides/ancestors/spirit guides

Prayer is a good way to start!

If You want to personally “push” the psychic communication here is a list of what You can do to accelerate the energy.

  1. Prayer and meditation = are preferred before bed and morning time (easier to contact in dreams).
  2. Setting intentions = I would like to connect with You because…insert Your reason (can be because You are curios).
  3. They will start contacting You constantly themselves as well and are very often in communication with You (can feel like someone is in the room, weird tingly feeling, touch even, can feel the energy, can feel a very strong push and call towards doing something).
  4. Gratitude and humour = go a long way.
  5. Stay open to the ways they can contact You = it doesn’t always have to be seeing spirits immediately).
  6. Easier to contact You during New and Full Moons (the veil between worlds is thinner). Especially the more “spiritual Moons”. Like Pisces, Sagittarius, or Cancer (or if the Moons are happening in Your 12th, 8th, or 4th house).
  7. If Your spiritual gifts were suppressed = need more dedication and time. You basically need to make Yourself believe here with experiences and proof.

I recorded this video a while back on the same subject with an example vision.


Hopefully, by now You realize that You have psychic gifts and that You are not “going crazy”. As we continue to shed light on psychic phenomena and bring knowledge forth from seemingly other places, days will come when we can share these gifts with others more openly.

Share Your psychic gifts and how You are handling them in the comments below!

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