Daily Astrological Report, April 3rd, 2020

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This is a general astrological report on the 3rd of April, 2020. I picked the most important influences and how they should affect us during this difficult time.

Energy is quite balanced in the general sense. Meaning we have energy in all the elements, earth, air, fire, water.

Having said that earth has the upper hand here, more energy there. It is also in Capricorn, Cardinal earth. There is a sense of wanting to take action but have to understand the reality of the situation and make realistic plans with this energy. Capricorn wants to build solid foundations before jumping in. So take action, but take it gradually and slowly.

Moon in Leo, a trine from the Sun but opposition with Saturn, square from Uranus.

Moon in Leo brings a fun side to our emotional side, a desire to have fun, to be creative and to go out and about are prevalent. One of the negative sides to this is a fragile ego, good to enjoy the company of children, do something creative, or have some fun.

The square from Uranus could bring some irrational and sudden emotional changes, reactions. Saturn is also in a more difficult aspect with the Moon, so our emotional mood can be more serious, a feeling of “I can’t have emotional happiness” could also be the case.

Luckily the Sun supports here and should give us a little vitality here, a more positive side to our emotional life. And it is very strong in the sign of Aries. Hopefully, this can help with the harder aspects from Saturn and Uranus.

This is valid until the Moon leaves the sign of Leo on the 5th of April. Might vary depending on Your current location.

Pluto and Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn.

Pluto does get the upper hand here and this is a longer influence. Valid for most of the year because these two will be in the same sign. Jupiter is weakened in Capricorn but should still bring its benevolence and good grace. Optimism, higher wisdom and seeing the bigger picture. Now Pluto. Pluto does rule crisis and unfortunately, Jupiter expands this, so I’m sorry to say but the current crisis will expand before it will get better. Only when Jupiter starts moving away from Pluto the crisis will start showing signs of healing.

It is my hope that instead of only expanding the crisis, which is one of Jupiter’s qualities, it will start bringing healing and wisdom on how to deal with it as well.

They will make two more exact conjunctions in 2020, in June and in December. So although we might see some temporary relief from the crisis, things will start getting better only after December.

Mercury and Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

We have a connection of two opposite planets in the spiritual Pisces sign, home of Neptune. Neptune does have the upper hand here. The logical and otherwise sharp Mercury comes into Pisces and is met instantly with Neptune. This does speak of mental fogginess, unclear thoughts, not being able to see the small things. But some good and positives with this energy are spiritual information coming Your way, meditation, healing Your thoughts, information coming to You from other realms and channeling. Practical things will suffer with this energy but it will bring openings to fantasy worlds, and creative energy to writers, spiritual energy for spiritual practitioners.

Saturn and Mars conjunction in Aquarius.

With the planet of governments Saturn and the planet of aggression Mars together it is easy to understand why the governments are under so much stress and need to take action (also Mars). Governments need to act quickly here but also have solid plans for their actions. Saturn does not like acting too quickly and without thinking. Something Mars likes very much.

Hopefully with these two together and Saturn strong in Aquarius, the governments should find the balance between taking action and with solid intentions behind them. Unfortunately, with Mars and Saturn together, it is not going to feel comfortable.

For all of us personally, it again speaks of wanting to take action with our careers, with our foundations in life, structures but having to approach it from a practical perspective. Make better plans, understand things realistically (Saturn) and then take solid action (Mars) towards our long term goals (Aquarius).

Stay safe out there. And inside.

Video to accompany the article: https://youtu.be/D0y3tM2IGHc

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