Sitting with sadness

Image source: As I write this deep pain and sadness pierces through me. The type of sadness You want to sit with, be with. As if You don’t want to let it go because You feel alive. This is the most alive I’ve felt in awhile. I’m going through rejection. Rejection is tough for … Read more

It’s okay.

It’s okay to feel how You are feeling. It’s okay to react the way You are reacting. It’s okay to judge the way You are judging. It’s okay to be present and not to be present. It’s okay. It’s all okay. We are human beings here. I kind of forgot that last week. That brought … Read more

Confidence and insecurity

I decided I will start writing in English. The idea is to test it out and see how I feel. So let’s go. It’s the week with the full moon, always an interesting time. I already prepared myself for it last week. I knew a storm was coming and all my insecurities etc will come to … Read more