A Deeper Desire

Image source: Private collection, Tallinn, Estonia. Authors of the painting: Margus-Richard Talivee and Bert Norralt. Desire For deeper meaning Yearning For true purpose Wanting For simplicity Catching Of identities Diving Into the unknown Seeing Of different realms Running Into the vast openness Fucking Deeply into the depths of the soul Penetrating Sharply through the thickness … Read more

Lineage energies

Image source: https://w-dog.net/wallpaper/nature-green-grass-old-tree-scenery-view-thunder-clouds-sky-picture-nature-grass-tree-sky-storm-clouds/id/299519/ I want to talk about something I’ve been watching lately in my own life and the lives of others. Lineage energies. What do I define as lineage energies? Energies that have been in a specific family’s dynamics for generations. I’ll give You a couple of examples. Let’s say Your great-great-grandfather was learning … Read more

The Fight Between The Masculine and The Feminine

Image source: http://www.tantrikstudies.org/blog/2016/5/25/the-dangers-of-duality-recognition-sutra-6 Something I’ve been observing lately within myself and it’s reflected back to me fiercely in outer circumstances. The fight between the masculine and feminine energies. Men fighting men, men fighting women, women fighting women etc. A lot of conflict has happened during the past few months. It’s been there within me, in … Read more

Does It Really Matter?

Image source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEJbDIwTKNM Today is a day to feel empty, to be comfortable with the knowing that it sometimes really doesn’t matter.  And we are the ones who make it matter, in our minds. In our wild stories of success and happiness.  Meaning, depth, memories, rules, stories. Some describe this feeling of nothingness or emptiness … Read more


Image source: http://joakimolofsson.deviantart.com/ This has been boiling inside of me for a long time. I do not yet know what’s the real reason I’m writing this but I feel it needs to be done. I came across an article in my home country of Estonia, where the president of our nation decided to give a … Read more

True Masculinity – A Place Where Your Inner Pussy And Inner Tough Guy Meet

Image source: http://www.quickmeme.com/p/3vmh2h I feel inspired to write about this. True masculinity. What this means to me. I want to do it for all the men and women who are shamed in our society today but first and foremost I am doing it for Myself. As I’ve been immersed in this New Age spiritual culture … Read more


Image source: This is me. With and without My bullshit.   As I’m discovering a deeper connection with Myself it’s becoming clearer to me that I madly yearn for connection. Deep soul connection. The yearning is almost unbearable. It’s like something is constantly crawling under Your skin and You want to release it so badly … Read more

My Desire

Image source: http://www.newsnish.com/tips/health-tips/seven-types-of-love-you-might-experience-in-your-life/ I’m sitting by the fireplace at my families country home. Journaling. Journaling about a specific topic this time. My desire. My desire with women and life in general. When I was first introduced to this exercise the first thing that came up was “I don’t know”. Mostly directed towards my desire with … Read more

The burning of the yearning

Image source: https://www.chicagocostume.com/spiders-spider-webs/ Have You ever felt yearning for someone or something? I have. It feels like something outside of You is pulling You towards that thing/person/situation and at the same time You really don’t have a chance to get it. Lot of stories come up. Why is this like this, it’s supposed to be … Read more

Sitting here

Image source: Kalamaja beach, taken couple of months back during sunset. I’m just sitting here, pondering what to write about. I’m feeling almost okay today or more upbeat than usual. If You’re feeling a bit down then the creative juices start flowing and everything is more dramatic. Obviously it’s like that when You’re upbeat and … Read more