So It Is

Getting to the core of things in this fast-paced world of ours is not common It takes time, nobody has time anymore It seems like it’s even slipping away from me But unfortunately, it takes time to really listen Understand something more deeply It might take a lunar cycle or Read more…


I’m just a being Real-time seeing Feeling, on occasion kneeling Dreaming, deep sleep having Being Together is nice Coming together is sometimes hard Finding places To trust in each other After years and years Of silence These places are filled up Bubbling with energy Looking for a way out Through Read more…

The Bed

Take what You can get When Time stands still For Only one day You The moment passes me by Find New meaning to life Remember Some good times from before Hold Them dear to my heart Release And find new ones Stand Up and more Than Anything I’ve seen before Read more…


A myriad of choices Finding myself Looking back at changes Tighten the grip And loosen the stance Make choices based on values You stand for Lonely and sad Too bad It’s going to be More like You Creation will stand Pictures glowing in the dark Ian Altosaar

Give Glory

To again dream To dare to Is a courageous act In fact To have Your self-intact To have a knack To have someone else’s back Beings well known Covered with foam they roam Moan Give glory to those who are bold Ian Altosaar


What if God speaks through You And it’s You? What if everything is God speaking through You? But what happens when You don’t listen? What if it happens when You are alone? In Your room? When the darkness pulls down it’s curtain? What if the silence is what You actually Read more…