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Some days are tired
Differently wired
Things transpire
People that I admire
Seek things of different nature
And yet here I am
Wondering what was said
Can I rest here, on my bed
With a quiet mind
And a secured behind?

It’s hard to trust someone sometimes
Unfortunately past plays a role in our lives
Can we grow from within?
Keep the things
From breaking the spring
In our step?

This is more of an inside call
Questioning the beliefs I once thought
Were real

Can I be broken and whole at the same time?
As a man, take steps to be strong in the world
Whether it’s a boy or a girl
This experience needs to be deciphered more accurately
To understand it more deeply
Ask the question of why?
Get to know it intimately so
So we can make conclusions
That will help mankind

I will rest now
Tomorrow I will ask how

Ian Altosaar

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