“I’ve had too much sex with too many men”

An excerpt from a session with the Freedom Astrologer. With permission to share from the participant.

“Are You afraid that You are a slut?” I asked.

She was quiet but the uncomfortable sensation was rising.

“Yes” she replied after a tiny pause.

“So, You didn’t enjoy any of the events that led You to believe that thought?” I insisted to know more because I had seen this belief before.

I could see she was scared of admitting it, but answer was already there.

Suddenly with a breath of fresh air she mustered up all her courage “Actually, You know what? I enjoyed some of them.” She took a tiny break here from that eruption.

“To be totally honest, I had fun and enjoyed myself with most of these men. There were a few bad apples, but I had so much fun doing the things that I did! It was exciting for me!”

And there it was. The truth out in the open.

After she said that I knew we had cracked that belief right open = the suffering and shame started lifting, and freedom was at our grasp.

But we weren’t quite there yet. I enquired even further.

“So, who actually thinks that You are a slut and brings You all that shame? If it’s not You, who is it?”

“Them. Society. The others. My parents. My family.”

“Now we are finally here” I thought to myself.

“So, it’s not You who is judging You to be a slut, it’s all the other people around You. But You enjoyed Yourself, had fun, had experiences in life that You liked?”

She went quiet for a moment.

Then burst out in laughter. (This is very often what freedom looks like in the moment.)

“Fuck, You are right. I actually had so much fun, I don’t blame myself of anything. It was an amazing ride.”

We were almost there…

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Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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