Letting Go

Image source: Private collection

Sometimes it’s hard to let go
Step into the unknown
Not knowing seems so uncomfortable
Scratching under my skin

So I breathe, breathe
Breathe and let go
One breath at a time
Breathing is kind
To Myself and others

Am I just hurting Myself?
An honest question to ask
Because I know this wont last
So why do I need to cast?
A gloomy shadow on my past

Seems like a horrid task
Sit with this vast, huge looking juncture
That has passed
Now I’m alone
The curtain has fallen
No one to sing me praises
But me
In the end the only thing that’s real

I seal the deal
Take one breath
Let silence cover and heal
Death and life
High and low
Nowhere to go
But home
As I sit on My throne
The heroes are dead
I stand and rejoice with their heads
Bowing before my bed

With newfound presence

Ian Altosaar

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