How to liberate Yourself from pain?

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After sitting with and letting go of previous pain I still had from a past relationship, it hit me again.

How to liberate Yourself from pain?

Just feel it and see the painful blessings in those situations. Doesn’t matter how much they hurt You, You are still here. That emotional strength came thanks to those moments, people involved. This is a treasure deeply disguised in pain. When You finally feel it, You can see the distorted rainbow in it all.

If You continue to judge the pain and those situations = the pain will keep on coming, You will stay in Your misery, depression, anxiety. See the fucking beauty in it, and the judgment starts to soften, pain releases.

The more You sit in it, the more judgment is released. In the end, You might even see the other people involved as a blessing. They made You so much stronger, they made You feel so many things You deemed impossible. This is a gift in life, it’s a gift to suffer and come out of that suffering stronger. That strength will be with You for a long time. Life is not only about feeling and being safe = remember this.

The equation is as follows:

Feel pain + release judgment = liberation and emotional strength

Hold on to pain (don’t feel it) + holding on to judgment = depression, anxiety, fear, being and feeling stuck

The people who have hurt You have been of great service to You, liberate Yourself and them by releasing Your judgments towards the past.

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