Venus in opposition or square to Saturn and/or Uranus — challenges and troubles in Your love life

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First of all, I get how much this hurts in Your relationships and partnerships. Been there and done that. These are not the easiest configurations to be dealing with on a daily basis. I feel Ya. People who got really hard hit by this were born during the end of July and the beginning of August 1988 (there are obviously other timelines but this one I’m intimately close to). A moment in time when Venus was opposite both at the same time!

An example of Venus opposite (180 degrees) both, Saturn and Uranus during the summer of 1988. A square would be a 90 degree aspect involving the same planets.

What does this astrological mambo jumbo mean in the real and practical world? Let us start with the Venus and Saturn combo.

1. Feeling totally worthless, unworthy of love. This transfers into Your relationships. No matter how much the other person claims the love You (and acts accordingly), You will have a hard time believing them.

2. Relationships seem like hard work and a constant obligation.

3. Fear about relationships and entering partnerships. Usually suppressed and subconscious. The minute things start to get serious, You distance Yourself from the relationships thinking of some bullshit excuse.

4. Relationships feel like a burden.

5. Thoughts and ideas that You will never get into or be able to be in a relationship.

6. Delays with relationships = at times come later in life (if not some other mitigating influences).

7. Hard and tough lessons You have to learn in relationships. You can be the one making the mistakes or Your partner can be the one who is the “bad guy” so to speak. This usually entails painful breakups and karmic lessons. You do something to the other person that immediately gets reflected or done to You as well. Probably can imagine how painful this is.

8. Many relationships seem to go towards marriage but then end, quite painfully.

9. Constantly feeling blocked in relationships.

How about the Uranus and Venus combo?

1. Immediate falling in and out of love with people. You can meet someone and within 5 minutes of meeting them, You think that You are in love with them. The thoughts and feelings subside just as quickly.

2. Relationships ending abruptly and in shocking ways. It can be cancellations just before the wedding or breakups. Or out of the blue, the other person decides that they don’t want to be with You. To be clear, this has most likely been brewing for a while. And You can do the same to the other person. Wake up and be done with the relationship, end things immediately.

3. Rushing into relationships too quickly, jumping into them without really getting to know the person.

4. Wanting freedom and liberation within relationships. Even open relationships. If there’s even a hint of control from the other side, start rebelling against it. Doing weird things with other people You shouldn’t be doing.

5. Wanting and desiring constant innovation or “new things” in the relationships. To a point where nothing seems to satisfy You.

You can probably see that these combinations are quite tricky when it comes to relationships. Hard to be in a long-term committed one if these are constantly going on.

Some solutions.

1. With Saturn You have to realize that some of these lessons are inevitable and You have to go through them. There’s karma that has to be paid. As of now, I don’t know a solution to completely evade these situations. Even if You are the one who is doing everything by the book and not doing shitty things to the other person, the others can do it to You. Something You need to deal with.

2. Look and start becoming aware of relationship patterns and role models in Your childhood. These fears, pains, ideas, and thoughts You have about relationships usually come from the primary relationship of Your parents, grandparents or if they remarry then these relationships influence it as well. Become aware and start seeing that You are repeating the same mistakes.

3. Therapy. You can probably try without it, but I imagine this is quite difficult.

4. Channel Your energy into creative endeavors like painting, creating music. You can also enjoy art and music. Best if it’s kind of older music (Saturn) or more innovative (Uranus). Will help You ground some of that difficult energy. Good things to paint are mountains, rocks, space, new realities, other dimensions, etc.

5. Solving the pain from Your childhood experiences inside and rewiring Your brain about relationships. This takes time, effort, and the ability to see Your ideas about relationships. Be as gentle as possible.

I wish You a gradual journey towards healthier relationships!

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