Meeting Life

Image source: Near lake Peipsi, Estonia. Private collection.

Not knowing what life will bring You
Can be a gift and a curse
Becoming a master of the unknown
A difficult and arduous task
Road to mastery usually is

And as You bow before the kingdom of heaven
Make sure You share Your prayers with hell
The discrepancy between the two is non existent
When You step onto their doorstep and prepare to ring the bell
Rest assured, You will witness both during Your time

Nothing is sacred to life
Yet it flows with a holy glow
Stop and it will show You
The meaning of pure Godlike presence
And true acts of Godless existence

Safety is in Your mind
Timed by the merciful flow of life
As funny as it may seem
It’s on Your side
From the moment You embark upon this ride
To the exact second You will die

Let truth be told
I ain’t totally sold
That this is all rightfully so
Honestly, I’m just a man
Who sometimes feels that it’s cold
While doing my best to grow old
To step outside the norm
To take this road
Less frequently traveled
Hopefully, in the end, I’ll arrive home


Ian Altosaar

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