More About Loneliness

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To whomever has felt the bitter taste of loneliness

Know that this too shall pass
Those things were never meant to last
Your mind needs to fast
For You to know who You are at last
In the quietness Your words will echo more loudly
You will know Yourself proudly

When it reaches down
Deep into Your soul
Know it
Listen to the whispers
Don’t speak
Don’t yell
Not yet my friend
Wait just a little longer
You will grow stronger
And stronger
While You wait
Watch the lingering darkness transform into light
These are the cycles of life
That which want to know You
As much as You want to know them
Deep down, I know my friend
You are the light that sparkles in the night
Sweet kisses from Your own loneliness
Will finally show You Your might
In these moments Your kindness will show You the way
Cause, You’ve guessed it, there is certainly pain
No need to drag this on forever
Soon we will be together
Death will turn into life
And You and I
Will walk together
Side by side

Ian Altosaar

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