The Mind

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As I slip into the sweetest of darknesses
My kind can fathom
I get a sudden sense of deja vu
Have I been here before?

The energy with which it speaks
Is a familiar one
The heart knows
As consciousness is about to break once more

As I hear the crackling
Of old thought patterns
I’m not quite at surrender
Rather somewhere in the middle
I yet do not know

The crows khaa
Death is imminent
Strangely the mind does not want to die
Although re-birthing might seem more pleasant
Death can be a gateway to tremendous growth and expansion
A mind tickling paradox of this reality
For something to soar into the heights
It first has to diminish into the darkness

The road is familiar
But the path still seems so treacherous
Death can be tiring only
When we don’t allow it
The mind has to be trained
To know that there is safety and expansion in dying

Ian Altosaar

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