Understanding EMPTINESS

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash One of the biggest reasons a lot of the things in our society move or get attention is emptiness within humans. That emptiness has You reaching for that phone when You’re drunk and alone, and calling Your ex. It is the same emptiness that requires You to grab those pills or the … Read more

Find The Answers

Image source: Photo by Justin Main on Unsplash The insufferable emptiness That seems to follow me everywhere I go Sings me songs of hollowness The words shrieking in my ears So painfully loud, so achingly unignorable The steps that I take To fill the emptiness made By the nature of this experience stay Somewhere lurking, into the past I … Read more

Ask and You Shall Receive

Image source: http://www.paperhi.com Ain’t it funny? That we can feel so depleted and weak And so full of strength at the same time So eager to meet each other and yet disconnected from ourselves? This world is filled up with paradox The juice of the mind It’s squeezed out of everything and into The minds … Read more