The Cosmic Adults – Are You even spiritual bruh? Astrological and intuitive predictions!

In this week’s episode:

Being “spiritual” – what is it, how to be it? Do I need a djembe drum or crystals? Or maybe not..

Taking Your “spirituality” and yoga poses to the streets of life and actually living it.

How do the Cosmic Adults work with each other? As well as others.

Being there for one another – how to support others?

How to clear and heal Yourself emotionally and energetically? The Cosmic Adults share practices.

From control to letting go – crying is a good tool after being emotionally seen.

Patterns repeating in Your life – what to do about them?

Going straight into the feelings if possible to process them – better than suppression.

Asking for help or doing it alone? Where’s the balance? And what is behind the two?

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