How to destroy relationships? „Do You believe that You are lovable?“

An excerpt from a session with the Freedom Astrologer. With permission to share from the participant.

Things were getting emotional and confusing. I felt that the issue we were working on was getting further and further away = this You can feel in Your body.

It is as if the core issue is right there, and the attention is constantly moving towards it.

Whenever it starts to move further away = the situation starts getting more and more confusing. Emotion enters when it’s not necessary. Reactions ensue.

She came to me with relationship issues. No good men out there apparently. And even if there are = can’t get into a relationship with them. Not one that lasts or leads to a family. At least that was the story.

We had been in this tangling mess for a while, and the core or solution was not coming to me.

Like I said, just more confusion.

I looked at her through the computer screen, talking about men, relationships, sex, chemistry. I heard many stories. Many good men had entered her life. None of them „stuck“.

I listened. It was seemingly a similar pattern.

A good man enters, they have fun, things get a little more serious = the relationship ends.

As I was looking at her sharing these experiences and now about feeling stuck and powerless through it all. Suddenly, a question arose from my consciousness.

„Do You believe that You are lovable?“ „Do You even believe that someone outside or someone else can love You?“

„Do You believe that You are worthy of love?“ I repeated to drive the point home.

The longest pause I’ve ever witnessed during a consultation followed.

She had the biggest eyes in that moment that I could remember ever seeing. It was like a lightbulb had gone on, but the current hadn’t yet arrived through the wires.

She was processing all her relationships right then and there. Including the most important ones. The parental relationships. This is where it all started.

„No“ she replied with tears falling from her eyes. „I don’t believe anybody can love me“ she continued.

„I don’t believe I’m worthy of their love, I have no idea on how to receive it or what to do with it. I don’t even know what it is.“

She was now crying but these were good tears. Tears of freedom I like to call them…

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