The Merger

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The knowing of pain
Will not take it away
Getting familiar with it
Just increases the sheer volume of Your discomfort
But it wont get rid of the agony You experience
Oh no
You have to treat Your pain like You treat Your lover
Slowly discovering the deep intricacies
It holds
When You’ve built enough trust between the two
You can start ravishing it wide open
Holding it’s hands while You thrust into it
That will bring You closer to the merger You long to have
By now You know each others most profound secrets and delicate quirks
If You are ready, pain will be there
It will be there to catch You
To let You surrender to it’s power
In doing that You become one with it
You are able to dance with it
To sit with it
Appreciate it
Even truly love it
Take Your steps slowly
Then one day if God is willing
You will feel all of it


Ian Altosaar

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