At Times

Image source: Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

At times we are woken from a deep sleep
That has become our existence
Life for a moment seems cruel
Meaningless even
These are times as well
Not good or bad but ones filled with potential for even better times

But young Warlock You must understand
There is no difference between the two
Your pain and suffering
Will melt into Your joy and happiness
And so the circle of life is complete

Taste both of them
Because knowing life can save You from Yourself
There is meaning in this exploration of the Self
Hard to look and understand with conditioned human eyes
Pain means bad and love means good
What a black and white canvas that is
Shortsighted at best

To really understand the complexity of this universe
We have to live as well
Because living is apart of it, is it not?
The physical body with all of it’s limitations
Quite a wonder to be felt

Take these days
Greet them as best as You can
Sleep in on days when You need to
Rest is needed on this journey
Rise and rise again
Til the dawn becomes Your friend

Ian Altosaar

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