The Phases of Spiritual Awakening – Explained Through Astrology, Phase 10 = The Integration

Life makes no sense?

Everything everyone talks about lacks all kinds of substance?

Been through a traumatic and life changing experience?

People have died or left Your life unexpectedly in other ways?

Congratulations! You are on the spiritual path and the awakening has already begun.

Last video of the series! The Integration!

As You have been through the ups and downs of spiritual and psychological purging, now it’s time to take everything and integrate within Your consciousness.

The Integration is a phase within the Spiritual Awakening ladder where everything You have experienced in the past years starts to mean something.

You start to make connections between Your childhood experiences, traumas, and the mission You came here to fulfil.

To sum it up, Your suffering and pain starts to make sense! Enjoy!

Ian Altosaar

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