The Sweet Whispers of Winter

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As the quietness of the winter descends
It’s a good time to look within
To see if something speaks to You more loudly
A rowdy thought perhaps?

Not to say that this is the only time to ponder what torments the soul
Oh no
But when the outer world slows down
The inner experience awakens

As if nature itself is knocking on our consciousness
Reminding us to take a look back
Remember what has been, what is and what will become into creation
As it slowly whispers in our ear:

Slow down dear friend
The time when You’ll fly will come again
For now, rest on the laurels of what You have accomplished
And take notice of the fact that You are human
A solid, made out of flesh human being
What a miracle by itself that is!

We are one You and I
And although You occasionally treat me really bad
I like You and Your funny games that You play
Rest and breathe now, my dear friend
I made this time for You and You alone
Know that what was given to You
Is in Your power to either use
Or squander

As my days lose even more length
Sleep more, eat less
Be in good company
Friends and family
The strength of community will carry You all towards new heights
Because it just might
Be the thing You are most looking for

Ian Altosaar

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