A Scary Proposition

Image source: My private collection. Estonia, Kumna village, near Keila.

Everything that I’ve ever written
I have written for myself
Every poem, all the teachings
They are for me
It’s very selfish

You see I’m learning as I go here
It’s trial and error
Pain and joy
Disbelief and hope
And everything in between

My capacity to hate
Is fortunately matched with my huge capacity to love and experience love
My ability to see darkness
Is equally balanced by my vision for beauty

This experience of life
Will have You weak in the knees on occasion
But that’s okay
Because in other times
Your strength and courage will lead the way

We are meant to experience everything in existence
A scary proposition to take on
But we have no other choice
Now that we are here
We have to do it
Lets do it together
Lets do life

Ian Altosaar

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