The Sweetness In Pain

Image source: Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

As I notice Myself
Amidst pain and sadness
Deep emptiness and hollowness
I wonder, where is it coming from?

Like a slow-paced kid, I begin to wonder
Have I squandered the chances given to me?
I become afraid, the presence of fear
Is gripping me tightly

I say nay
Part of me still loves the beauty of melancholy
The sweetness it brings when I just am with it
It’s so graceful
Like a woman dressed in a white lace dress
Embodying the feminine form
Painfully beautiful
The way she lets her fingers touch upon fresh hey
Tilting her head
To signal a playful invitation to engage with her

So You see
There’s different kind of beauty
Sweetness and pain
Can be immersed into one
The outcome?
The ecstasy of life coursing through Your veins

Amidst pain and beauty

Ian Altosaar

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