There Are Deeper Places

Image source: Photo by Jorge Garcia on Unsplash

Rest assured
This road has been an arduous one
So much so
I’m shaken to my very core

There is so much darkness within the light
That it surrounds me
What to believe, where to seek?
Only one true place for this to be

There are deeper places
A mixture of races
A multitude of faces
To each existence

What to do?
But walk into my doom
With my head held high
Praying for the sky
To help me get by

Dear God
Help me find the strength to carry on
To find meaning and love in all this
To have the wisdom and knowledge to maneuver
The intricacies of this existence
Dear God
Your guidance is appreciated
Your help wanted
Show me how to serve
Show me how to live
To the best of my abilities
So that I can shine a light on this world
And fulfill my destiny

Ian Altosaar

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