What Being A Man Is All About

Image source: My private collection. A very calm summer evening, Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa, Obja village.

The title of this piece is quite self explanatory.

Right now being a man in this world is quite difficult, not to say darn impossible.

You literally have to fight for Your right to exist on this planet as man.

This sucks but I came to an understanding today that helped me a little in my own struggles. It also reminded me what being a man is all about.

All this life is a test of how much You can love as a man.

You see as men we carry with us this deeper sense of love. We channel strong, masculine love. It lives at our core, we are it. Sometimes we forget it and things go astray. God knows, I’ve done it. I can be really selfish and forget this deep knowing inside of myself.

But that’s who we truly are. Sit with this understanding for a while. See if it does something for You.

Now this can show up in Your life in many ways. Wife, girlfriend, children, pets, friends, colleagues. Whatever the focus is in Your particular situation You have the choice, to love or to step out of that situation. Obviously in extreme cases I recommend moving on but in more often than not, can we love more?

I want to mention here that I don’t mean this kind of fluffy, bla bla bla love. I actually mean strong, masculine love. That can take many shapes and sizes. I hope You know what I mean. If not, let me know in the comments below, I’ll write about the different types of masculine love.

Loving more requires a lot of presence, strength, peace of mind and a strong knowing of who we are. That takes time to develop. We all mess up from time to time. This is okay.

Having this type of power at our disposal means a lot of responsibility. We are the ones who teach this to our children. Their sense of self worth actually comes from us.

But right now in this world it’s much bigger than just our children. Many adults need to learn this. Strong men who know their worth are needed everywhere, in every interaction. To channel this type of love to all beings on earth. Not to save them but to show them it is there at their very core as well.

The next time Your partner, pet, parent or whoever is being a bitch towards You, think for a moment. Can I love more here? Ask Yourself, what does it take for them to realize how much they are really worth? Or are they just testing my ability to love myself and them? So that they know that I am somebody they can trust and count on.

If You want to take it even deeper You can look at it from a place of how much do I love myself here?

Your world can be viewed as a testament of how much You can love. This can be a painful thing to admit or see but necessary nonetheless. A sobering observation.

Ian Altosaar

I also released two episodes of the Ask Ian show. Here they are, I hope You enjoy them.

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In this episode I answer a question from my good friend Richard regarding the Mandela effect.

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Episode 11:

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